Day: July 28, 2022

Full Cast Restorations

Full cast restorations are a classic choice for dentists and patients around the world. Full casts have stood the test of time, offering a beautiful and durable choice for crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. A East Norriton full cast restoration is composed of a gold alloy that – when properly cared for – can last […]

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Provisional Restorations

Provisional restorations are often used during complex restorative dental procedures to serve as temporary prosthetic replacements while patients wait for a permanent restoration. East Norriton provisional restorations offer patients to try-out the look and feel of the final prosthetic and make any necessary changes before the final fabrication and fitting. Unlike temporary prosthetics of the […]

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PFM Restorations

Porcelain fused to metal, or PFM restorations have been a standard in restorative dentistry for more than three decades. During that time, dentists around the world have adopted PFM crowns and bridges due to the versatility for use, as well as their ability to be matched to surrounding teeth. PFM crowns in East Norriton provide […]

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IPS Empress

IPS Empress is the choice of East Norriton dentists and patients who want functional and clinically proven restorations that are natural-looking and metal-free. More than 25 million patients have chosen the proprietary IPS Empress pressed ceramic system for its aesthetically appealing results and long term durability. Since 1991, these restorations have been helping patients makeover […]

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Diagnostic Wax-Up

A diagnostic wax-up is an invaluable tool for prosthodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and restorative dentists who need to take the guess-work out of reconstructive procedures. Wax-ups are used to ‘preview’ the results of upcoming dental procedures by simulating a tangible, 3-dimensional model. Together with patients, dentists can use diagnostic wax-ups to identify potential complications and […]

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Dentures are an effective and affordable way of replacing missing teeth. Composed of a durable plastic resin and sometimes porcelain, both partial and full dentures can be fabricated to look and feel natural. Today’s dentures are custom-fit to make it possible to eat foods with confidence and speak articulately. Depending on the patient’s preferences and […]

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Partial Dentures

Like a bridge, partial dentures rest on surrounding teeth to fill in the gaps where one or more teeth are missing. But unlike a bridge, partial dentures are fully removable by the wearer. Partials are affordable alternatives to other types of dental prosthetics, and are custom-made to blend in with each patient’s natural teeth. It […]

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Zirconia is a ceramic used to fabricate dental restorations. East Norriton dentists and patients prefer Zirconia because it is the strongest, most long-lasting ceramic available in restorative dentistry. For years, Zirconia has been used to craft metal-free crowns and bridges in place of missing or damaged teeth. Zirconia’s translucent properties give it a natural appearance, […]

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Bite Guards

A bite guard is a dental appliance custom-fit to a patient’s teeth. Bite guards serve varying purposes and are often recommended for use in patients of all ages. It is important that bite guards be professionally fit, rather than purchased over the counter, as this ensures maximum comfort and protection during wear. Professional dental guards […]

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